Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gainesville Pet Rescue and New Tally

Today I visited Gainesville Pet rescue.
I met the director, Ms. Heather and I told her about me and Tashi's Treats.  I was very shy so Mommy had to talk for me.
She seemed happy about how much money I already raised.
After meeting her, I went into the back room to meet all the dogs.
All of them were sooooooooo cute!
Look at these adorable puppies!
All the older dogs look so sad.  :(

 There is a dog I fell in love with but she deserves a post just for herself.  I really wanted to adopt her but Daddy said no because it waouldn't be fair to Roxy who is very old.
Today was a very busy day but this post is long enough.  Make sure you check back again to see my later posts!
By the way, $60 has now been raised for
Gainesville Pet Rescue!
If you have not bought your pocket hearts already, please visit
My Etsy to help save a life!


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  1. Great job Tashi! I am sure the doggies and kitties all appreciated your generous donation :) every little bit helps!

  2. I love this blog, I also would love to take all those doggies home with me. Maybe one day, you, Froggy, and I can choose one