Sunday, March 3, 2013

Animal People

I saw Animal People when I went to Pet Smart the day that I visited Gainesville Pet Rescue (here). 
Their posters caught my eye which were right by the doors.
They talked about each pet and what happened to them and how they found them.
I got to meet one of their dogs who is now taking classes to be a therapy dog.  I was so sad to hear about his story. 
He and his sister were tied to a tree by their owner in the woods and left to die.  When Animal People got them, they were in very bad shape. 
Unfortunately, his sister died because of her diseases. 
He lived but had to have both of his eyes removed because they were so infected and he is also almost deaf. 
As you can see, he responds by touch and considering everything that he went through, he is so gentle.
This is Ms. Gail, she is one of the owners of Animal People.
They go to Pet Smart often and bring alot of their pets so that they can get used to good people and be socialized.
They encourage you to pet them and cuddle with them and give them plenty of love.

 These pets are very special and they have been through alot. 
Please help me fundraise for them.
You can never have too many pocket hearts and you can also give them as gifts.  Mommy says that they are perfect for when you give money gifts since you can put the money right in the pocket!  At the same time, you can be helping save a life. 
You can follow me by putting in your email address found on the right side of my blog.  I will have future posts of the wonderful ways to use my pocket hearts.
Please dont forget to visit My Etsy if you have not yet bought your pocket heart. There are so many dogs that I would love to help at Animal People which is my shelter of the month for March.
Please help me save lives

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