Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

$70.00 has been raised for Animal People!
I have realized that fundraising is very hard. 
I know a lot of people read my blog but the people who read it don't seem to buy my pocket hearts.
You don't have to buy a heart but if you want you can donate a little and it will go towards my shelter of the month.
Today for Easter and to close the month of March I decided to give $5.00 from my allowance to Animal PeopleI wish I could've given more and raised more because of these special animals but I tried my best. 
I hope that a lot of you that read this post will buy a heart or donate. 
For the month of April my shelter will be Second Chance Farms. 
"Second Chance Farms is a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary. We offer unwanted, abused, neglected and homeless critters of all species a second chance at having a healthy, happy and loving home." 
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