Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Meet Huck the Australian Shepard mix!  He is an incredibly sweet and gentle dog.  I didn't like the picture that Gainesville Pet Rescue  put on the website so here are some that I think really shows his personality. 
 I am pretty sure they said he was seven years old on the crate,but they said he was ten on the website so you might want to check that out. I haven't had time to call them.
It was nice to play with him for a little bit outside.
 How could you not love this face?!  His eyes looked so sad when we had to put him back in his crate...
 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease share your love and give him a forever home.
I am sure he will love you back with all of his heart.
I don't want you to forget that my shelter of the month is Animal People and they also have plenty of dogs that you can adopt.  Here  is a list of them and I would like you to read their sad stories.  All of them have gone through so much.  It must have been so painful and heartbreaking for them when all they did was love and put their faith in their owners.  It takes a special person to save a special dog.  Pleeeeeeeeease be that person.
Please visit My Etsy if you have not yet bought your pocket heart. There are so many dogs that I would love to help at Animal People which is my shelter of the month for March.

Please help me save lives.

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