Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rosary Pocket Heart

$25.00 has been raised for Animal People!
Easter is coming up and so this pocket heart is perfect for a special person.  It is just the right size to hold a rosary.
It is also a great gift to give for a baptism to go with a rosary.
Or put some money in there too!
The frame behind is for an 8"x10" picture so the heart is a good size.
It is now available in My Etsy. 
Have you been in My Etsy Shop yet? 
Please do so if you have not yet looked. 
I have also put a few of my hearts on the right side of my blog that links you to my shop. 
I only have half of this month left to fundraise for Animal People which is my shelter for the month of March.
Please help me and buy your pocket heart.
There are so many dogs that I would love to help.
Please help me save lives.
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